Saturday, February 4, 2012

Putting the Cart In Front of the Horse

Hello, boys and ghouls!  I've decided to do a podcast.  The biggest obstacle is that I don't know how to properly record or publish a podcast.  Is "publish" the right word?  I'll find out.  I also don't have the equipment.

What I do have is heart.  Heart, and a catchy title that no one has used yet.  So, I've secured "Boys and Ghouls" in a g-mail account, a Twitter account, and a blog.  Then, while walking to Blockbuster, I texted Kat and asked her if she wants to do a podcast with me where we talk about horror movies and all things spooky.  Kat, who decorates for Halloween in late-September, immediately and enthusiastically agreed to the venture.  She is on board all the way.  So, it looks like I'm really going to have to do this.

I am not tech-savvy.  For starters, I still rent DVDs from a video store.  For ideas and appointments, I carry a pen and a little note book.  But, I'm determined to figure out podcasting and deliver a genre-specific movie-themed podcast to an already saturated market.

Beware the moon,
Marshall Hicks
Burbank, CA

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