Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mic Check

I'm looking for a good microphone with which to record my future podcasts.  My friend Aurora, in her podcast Weekly Dictator, uses a TK 2020 USB microphone and all three hosts talk into it.  So, that seems to work but I want to make an informed purchase so I did a little leg work.

Tonight, I went to Meltdown Comics to watch Chris Hardwick do a free hour of stand-up.  I got there early because anything free really brings a crowd (today was also a frozen yogurt give-away at Yogurtland).  A couple blocks from Meltdown, Guitar Center and Sam Ash sit directly across the street from each other like feuding hillbillies.  I walked over to both and got some helpful perspective on what's available in USB microphones.

Directional characteristics might become a deal-breaker.  Everyone huddled into one directional sweet spot might not make for great podcasting.  It feels like kind of an unnatural way to carry on a conversation.  Tonight, I've learned that the Yeti microphone may be more expensive than the TK 2020 but it has directional options and a headphone jack.  

Damn.  I'll probably have to get headphones too.

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